Note the green "plus" sign shared with the Ozone Therapy link on the home page is to indicate Dr. Reiss will often be using the two thearpies in tandem for the powerful synergistic healing they provide together.

Neural Therapy (NT) is an injection-based treatment, popular in Europe but still new to the U.S., that can basically "hit the reset button” on the nervous and immune systems.  Dramatic relief from both acute and chronic pain, as well as near-instant resolution of even lingering illness symptoms, have been seen in our office.

Small amounts of procaine, a local anesthetic used by dentists, is introduced usually near the area of distress to re-establish the normal resting potential of nerves.  The anesthesia wears off in a short while, but the relief that comes from the localized calming of body systems, especially when combined with restorative Osteopathic Manipulation, can sustain for profound lengths of time.

As to the injections, the small “prick” involved is well accepted and well-tolerated by most patients - even by those with a fear of needles.  It helps that the needles are usually smaller than the ones used in conventional medicine, and frequently little to no sensation is felt at all.

Neural Therapy can be safely combined with any other pharmacological, surgical or natural treatment, facilitating and increasing the efficacy of the whole medical intervention.  And since procaine has its own anti-inflammatory properties, anyone - including children and pregnant women - can be treated with NT for such issues as (to name a few):


Joint, muscle or tendon pain
Recurrent infections
Circulation problems
Psoriasis and other skin conditions
Chronic bowel problems
Asthma and other respiratory conditions
Gynecological and urogential disorders
Hormone imbalances
Menstrual cramps
Anxiety and depression

Given its newness in the United States, the procedure in not yet covered by insurance.  The fee is $150 per session.
  This amount also includes Ozone Therapy (OT) when that is used.  In visits where injection treatments to multiple body regions is requested, an additional $100 fee per region will be charged.

Being an optional treatment performed in addition to her other modalities, the doctor will discuss any need for NT and OT at the time of visit.

For more information, here's a link to a YouTube clip in Spanish - with English subtitles - from physicians at the University of Barcelona describing in greater detail the concepts behind, and their results from, Neural Therapy.

Dr. Reiss also offers Trigger Point injections (TPI).  Similar to Neural Therapy, TPI uses a local anesthetic to ease discreet knots or the tight, ropy bands of muscle that form when muscles fail to relax, thus relieving the pain associated with that tightness.  TPIs are recognized by Medicare and most insurance companies, so treatment may only increase your co-insurance payment.

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In addition Dr. Reiss is prescribing Low Dose Naltrexone, or LDN.  This is an off-label usage, up to 4.5 mg, made and shipped to our patients by a compounding pharmacist.  More information about the product can be found at