Dr. Reiss works with every patient to help guide their attitudes and activities, slowly and gently, towards more balanced and healthy living. These activities most commonly include:

.1. Diet & Supplements

"You are what you eat."
- anonymous -

Perhaps because we've heard it used, and misused, so often, the old adage above no longer holds any impact.  Conventional medicine generally seems to ignore the concept, and corporate interests flagrantly ridicule it (>>). However, the undeniable truth is that your body is assembled from the molecules you obtain from only two sources - what you breath and what you eat. And though we all have the perception that our bodies stay intact throughout our lives, it is been revealed through science that the molecules that make up our physical form are constantly swapping with the environment. In fact, renowned author and holistic physician Deepak Chopra, MD is fond of informing his readers that 95% of all the atoms in your body - including those in your solid bones and your stable DNA, are replaced with new ones every year! It is then perfectly reasonable to conclude that if you ingest foods that are healthy, your body will have all the necessary building blocks readily available to rebuild a body healthfully. The bountiful energy left over goes towards living a vibrant day.

"Food is Information."
-Jeffery Bland, Ph.D. -

It may sound revolutionary, but what you eat also actually informs your DNA how to operate. Your genetic code is your "book of life," and there are in essence chapters of "bliss" and chapters of "alarm." Consuming foods filled with refined carbohydrates, simple sugars, saturated or hydrogenated fats, and artificial chemicals and pesticides tells your DNA to read the alarm chapters, which causes your body to step up inflammation processes that accelerate tissue breakdown. This leads to chronic disease and faster aging. This is why Dr. Reiss so strongly emphasizes that her patients modify their eating habits as best as possible towards foods that make your DNA read its bliss genes - foods found abundantly in an organic Mediterranean diet. This diet is rich in whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, legumes, healthy oils, nuts, with some lean meat and non-predator fish. She encourages everyone to make these improvements gradually, when it feels right, rather than be overwhelmed by large instant change.

Dr. Reiss also reminds everyone to drink plenty of water; about 1/2 your weight (pounds) in ounces. A 140 lbs. person should consume 70 ounces of pure water a day. Due to enhanced waste drainage and better joint lubrication, she finds that nearly all medical conditions are benefited by good hydration.


Counseling patients on proper nutritional supplement usage is a significant portion of Dr. Reiss' work. Early in her private practice, Dr. Reiss sought supplement manufacturers she could rely upon; ones she could recommend with the same - or higher - level of confidence as prescription drugs. An unfortunate feature of the natural product industry is its uneven quality assurances. The doctor is pleased to offer a number of producers of medical-grade supplements that she is confident consistently adhere to the pharmaceutical method of manufacturing and clinical validation. 

One useful specific avenue of targeted nutrition is called Functional Medicine, which focuses on proper absorption of nutrient from the gut and on turning down the inflammation signals in the body. Relying upon some of the most sophisticated scientifically-backed products in the market, the Functional Medicine program works to slow or even stop the damage the body is doing to itself, greatly improving nearly all degenerative conditions.

.2. Exercise

"A little bit of something is better than a lot of nothing."
Dan Millman, author

Science has shown that nearly all health problems can be improved when the body is made stronger through exercise. It can slow and even reverse most symptoms of aging. For every age group and fitness level, there is an appropriate level of physical exertion to start off safely and maintain comfortably, which Dr. Reiss will review with you.

.3. Stretching

Popular media is always touting the benefits of aerobic health for cardiac fitness, or having toned muscles for a good appearance and strong metabolism, but Dr. Reiss has found that most infirmities from aging come not from these factors but rather from a lack of flexibility. Being unable to reach your shoelaces or the cups on an upper shelf, and all such manner of restricted access to your everyday tasks, can profoundly reduce the quality of life. Dr. Reiss will demonstrate those easy stretches that will most dramatically improve the areas of greatest need. 

.4. Stress Management

"It is easier to maintain your health than it is to recover it once it's gone."
John Robbins, author

Stress from the workplace, family challenges or even world events can reduce the strength of your immune system. This stress continued over time will cause hormonal depletion and a serious breakdown in your ability to heal. Dr. Reiss will assist you in finding, or improving, the right form of stress management techniques and supportive supplements that work for you.