Dr. Reiss is a Medicare provider.  Those patients are required to pay the annual deductible (if not yet met) and the 20% co-pay.  For Medicare patients with a secondary insurer, that co-pay may be paid either by your insurance or by you.  Contact our office for more details.  We do participate in those Medicare "Advantage" plans that allow you to go out-of-network, but not those that are limited to in-network doctors only ("Medicare HMO") plans.

As a holistic physician who spends 1 hours for an initial visit and 30 minutes for follow-ups, it is not possible for Dr. Reiss to be an in-network (HMO or EPO) provider with any commercial insurance carriers.  However, we can work with a patient's insurance when they have out-of-network (PPO or POS) benefits.  All insurance companies and plans differ, so contact our office for specific details.

When you call, we can also discuss all fees.  We accept only personal check and cash as payment - no credit cards - required at the time of visit.  We do not bill.