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New patients are asked to:


Wear light-weight, loose, comfortable clothing, such as yoga pants or thin sweats (or for men gym shorts and tee shirt).  AVOID blue jeans, denim, corduroy or even skirts (as the bunched material can impede the doctor feeling what is going on inside your body).  You can bring a change of clothing - if it's cold or you're coming dressed from work - and put them on once here.  You will remained fully clothed during your visit.


Bring in any medical reports or lab results from previous doctor's visits you may have.  More information is always better than less.


Please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne that day.  Some of our subsequent patients may have acute sensitivities to fragrances.


Complete the New Patient Forms found below.  You can download, print, and fill out these essential forms in advance to save time prior to arrival.  All three pages are contained in this one Adobe Acrobat PDF file...